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Tips For Traveling To Bach Ma National Park

Posted by Admin on 10 feb, 2016 comements (20)

Bach Ma National Park, located in Phu Loc District – Thua Thien Hue Province, is one of 30 flora and fauna reserved areas in the country. The diversity and abundance of flora and fauna have become a destination for tourists. If you love nature and enjoy experiencing, Bach Ma National Park is an ideal place where you cannot ignore when coming o Hue. Through this post, you just need only one day to discover the beauty of this national park.

Hai Vong Dai

If you’re up to the highest peak of Bach Ma, Hai Vong Dai is the place you can enjoy the scenes. From here, you can observe the space below and around, even you can see the sea. Tourists can feel lost in a fairyland with clouds, mountains, and fog around. Here, you can ring the bell ringing throughout the mountains by yourself.

Ngu Ho

This name comes from 5 lakes which are located contiguously formed from a large stream. Depending on the time of the year, the amount of water in this place is more or less. Because the lake is high and so deep in the forest, the water is very cold and pure. Somewhere there is a small waterfall with a height of only about 4-5m.

Do Quyen Waterfall

From the Ngu Ho, go about 2-3 kilometers, you will reach the top of the Do Quyen Waterfall. With the height of up to 300m, Do Quyen waterfall makes tourists shock when coming here to visit. Every season of the year, Do Quyen waterfall gives travelers a different beauty. In the dry season, the fall flows down gently like a thin silk. In the rainy season, the flow is very strong and makes noise in the quiet space. In order to enjoy the whole scene of Do Quyen waterfall at the foot, you have to climb down about 600 stairs.


In addition to the attractive destinations as above, when going on the trails in Bach Ma National Park, you can see the extremely various flora and fauna. In particular, this place also includes the trails which connect the destinations together. For example, Tri Sao trail leads to Tri Sao waterfall where many pheasants live, Do Quyen trail leads to Do Quyen waterfall, Ngu Ho trail, Vong Hai Dai trail... In addition, there is a trail which is about 300m through the Tro Den forest. This place includes a lot of old trees listed in the Vietnam red book.


- You should visit Bach Ma National Park in the summer and fall because the weather is cool, suitable for sightseeing.

- Prepare hats, clothing, and accessories to keep warm because the park contains 4 seasons in one day.

- Prepare the cream working against the mosquito and insects.

- The diversity of the flora and fauna attracts the tourist around the world very much. This is a great destination for those who love the wildlife, like ecotourism. Remember to refer carefully the experience for traveling to Bach Ma National Park.