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Tips For Traveling To Cat Tien National Park, Dong Nai

Posted by Admin on 12 feb, 2016 comements (28)

Located around 150 kilometers from Saigon to the East, Cat Tien National Park (Nam Cat Tien Commune, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Province) is separated from the residential areas by Dong Nai River. If you love nature, enjoy exploring the natural flora and fauna, the Cat Tien National Park is a destination you should not miss. It has been recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the world.


Headquarters campus includes several motels with names which are very “natural”: Voi Motel, Gau Motel, Go Do Motel, Bang Lang, Hong Hoang,…The price ranges from 300-400.000VND/room. The rooms are designed fairly simple but still comfortable.

Cat Tien Ecotourism

Coming to Cat Tien, you can choose ecotourism routes: exploring botanical gardens which include more than 300 species of precious wood and many endemic species of southeastern.

With viewing night mammals route, you can rent a bike or walk along the main road and admire many species of wild animals: wild boars, deer, porcupines, gayals, minks…These animals just appear in front of us on board night. You can also choose to visit Ta Lai, which is inhabited by ethnic minority communities like Ma, Tay, and S’tieng, discover the daily lives of the villagers.

More interesting is the Bau Sau route. This place is quite far from the central garden, so you have to be moved by the cars of the ecotourism center. The distance is around 9 kilometers and this costs you about 25USD/route with 5-7 people. Then, you have to walk about 5 kilometers.

Bau Sau is a large lake, with many kinds of birds and fish living. Coming here, you will admire the fascinating dance of the peacocks, immerse in the romantic scenery.


If you love adventure, you can choose the routes of walking through the forest. The interesting thing is that you can see a flock of jungle fowls coming to eat with your own eyes, or the colorful birds wandering in the forest and flying up when they see you. However, walking routes like these are only for the experienced travelers.

About 15 kilometers from the center of the garden, you can explore an interesting route to admire a 400-year-old tree with the height of over 8 meters. It is very impressive and spectacular. There are also plenty of other interesting tourist routes: Troi Waterfall, the traditional house in Ta Lai, white stone hill, Doi Cave…

Each trip is an experienced, interesting discoveries. Let’s start, and maybe you are a lucky person when meeting and taking pictures of flora and fauna here.


- Cat Tien National Park is a biosphere reserve so you mustn’t go fishing and mining flora and fauna, so please just leave footprints, and do not take anything but photographs.

- There are many terrestrial leeches and other reptiles (snakes, centipedes…), so you should fully prepare the necessary protective equipment such as specialized climbing shoes, leggings, gloves, along with several Dep ( apply it to the neck shoes and leggings)

- Absolute compliance with the guidance of the national park staff, avoid going to areas where there are large dangerous mammals like bears, gayals, rhinos…